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6/2/10 07:57 pm - maz_z - SIX LADY GAGA ICONS

So you guys probably wonder where that last post went. Um. I deleted it by mistake. Crap. I'm terrible like that. I guess I'll post the deleted icons later, but FIRST: Lady Gaga has stolen my heart, so here are six icons of her.

• 6 Lady Gaga icons


1 2 3
4 5 6


11/1/09 04:32 pm - maz_z - 36 TatLT, TW, and SP icons!

More icons! Yay! This batch is half Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure, half Teen Wolf (STILES!), and a smidgen of South Park.

• 16 Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure icons
• 14 Teen Wolf icons (Stiles-centric)
• 6 South Park icons


I'm not a fag, I'm a wolf! I'm a magical creature that eats babies!Collapse )

10/13/09 09:53 pm - maz_z - Toy Story 2, Christina Ricci, and the South Park reject team!

Here's a random dump: Christina Ricci icons, Toy Story 2 icons (mostly repeats but with different text on them), and some South Park icons that didn't make the cut last time I posted. Did anyone see that TS2 double feature? Wasn't that fucking kickass? Yeah. It sure was. Also, disregard the file names on the CR icons. I made most for some RP bases. Guess for what character and you win... my love! :D Anyway, here's icons:

• 11 Toy Story 2 icons
• 11 Christina Ricci icons
• 6 South Park reject icons


You have a beautiful yarn full of hair.Collapse )

7/18/09 09:55 pm - maz_z - South Park Icons

I've been watching lots of South Park over summer break (also all sorts of Trey Parker/Matt Stone stuff, seriously, those guys are amazing yeaaaaaah <3), so here kids, have some icons from the show. More will come soon!

• 23 South Park icons


If you leave me now, you take away the biggest part of me, ooOOOoooOOhh, baby, please don't go!Collapse )

3/15/09 04:31 pm - maz_z - LOTS 'O ICONS: ASoUE, PPG, TCiD, CC, & Stock Photo Stuff

9 to 9 classes five days a week aren't good for me. It sucks even more when I only get a four day spring break. So all I've been doing is sleeping and, oh yeah, making icons for that community I have. HAVE SOME STUFF.

• 6 A Series of Unfortunate Events icons (although mostly Violaf flavored, others will come in later posts)
• 4 The Composer Is Dead icons
• 14 Misc. Powerpuff Girls icons
• 6 Creased Comics icons
• 4 Stock Photo icons (with deliciously inappropriate phrases written on them)


I always come back... FOR AN ENCORE!Collapse )

10/29/08 12:13 am - maz_z - TINKERBELL AND SUPERJAIL ICONS

Tiny icon dump. I have a lot of miscellaneous icons that I have to post later, but here's a few that I made tonight while procrastinating totally doing my work. Watching Tinkerbell and Superjail in the same day is not good for your brains. *head swirls*

• 10 Superjail icons
• 6 Tinkerbell icons (including two colored variations)



Faith, trust, and hallucinogenic pixie dust!Collapse )

Also, don't forget to add the community for delicious, crunchy updates, and credit me for the icons once you add them to your LJ. But I know you will. I trust you.

9/28/08 10:58 pm - maz_z - SUPERJAIL ICONS

The first episode of Superjail was freaking amazing. I wish the show lasted longer, though. It didn't fill me up as much as the pilot did, but oh god, the Warden is the best. Anyway, I made icons. Love them up.

• 22 Superjail Icons from Episode 1 -- Superbar


I went to a party at the local county jail...Collapse )

Oh, yeah, and blah blah blah don't take these without credit and such and such. Now leave me alone with my sweet, sweet liquor. *drowns herself in deliciousness*

9/23/08 11:55 am - maz_z - REQUESTS POST


This post is reserved for icon requests. You can comment on this post and ask me to make you an icon set from any fandom imaginable. You could ask me to make you icons of moose. Or ducks. Or printers. Or window blinds. Or Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Or whatever you can imagine up.


9/23/08 12:21 am - maz_z - Casper Icons

First post, yes! Here's my first icon dump, chock full of ghosty goodness. Let's get started, folks!

• 11 Casper and Spooky Icons
• 13 Casper Icons (mostly Casper/Kat)


He's the friendliest ghost I know...Collapse )
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